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Grange Farm Housing Needs Survey 2022

28 Apr 2022 - 31 Aug 2022
Kingsley High School and Weald Rise Primary School
The council is seeking your views on proposals to develop a temporary 24 place provision at Weald Rise Primary School for pupils on roll at Kingsley High School. This proposal is being considered to meet the increasing demand in Harrow for children with special educational needs. The plan is that this provision will be required for no more than three years while other works are carried out in other schools to increase the overall capacity of specialist provision in Harrow. Find out more at

06 Jun 2022 - 04 Jul 2022
Feedback on biodiversity in Harrow
Quick feedback from residents on the 'no mow May' trials in 2022 and a chance to feedback on other biodiversity ideas.

14 Jun 2022 - 28 Jul 2022
Marlborough School Street consultation Featured
The Marlborough School Street Scheme has now been in place since October 2020 and the Council would like to carry out a review to gather feedback on the scheme. This consultation is about gathering your views, whether you would like it to continue, or if there are changes that can be made to make it work better for you. The consultation has been extended until 9 October 2022. To take part in the consultation please visit

21 Jul 2022 - 09 Oct 2022
Licensing Act Policy – Consultation
Under the Licensing Act 2003, the Council is the licensing authority with responsibility for issuing licences under the Act for licensable activities in the Borough. In accordance with the Act, the Council must prepare, consult on and publish a Licensing Policy which it proposes to have regard to when exercising relevant functions. Harrow Council Licensing Policy has expired and we are consulting on a new policy. The proposed policy is a refresh of the old policy with minor changes made to : • the scheme of delegation • Information in relation to representations • Information relating to temporary events

08 Aug 2022 - 02 Sep 2022
Tennis courts consultation Featured
The Council is considering bringing in a specialist company to run the tennis courts, and to introduce a pay to play booking and coaching system, including providing free and concessionary playing opportunities.

17 Aug 2022 - 27 Sep 2022
Business Support Survey You can Respond Online
Harrow Council is keen to hear from businesses in all sectors regarding your current and future business support and advice needs.

20 Sep 2022 - 13 Dec 2022
Name the Park
A small green space (park) on Umpire View, off Pinner View, has been known locally as ‘St George’s Playing Field. A group of volunteers have been working hard to make the green space a nicer place to visit and enjoy.

23 Sep 2022 - 21 Oct 2022