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NameStatusOpen DateClose Date
Consultation on Body Worn Video - Operational Framework Respond Online
Body worn video is a body worn portable system that provides audio and visual record of enforcement activities undertaken by the wearer. Sound and images are recorded on a tamper proof storage device, thereby ensuring a secure chain/custody of evidence. Body worn video technology has a number of benefits and the aim is to achieve and promote improved communication towards motorists and the general public.
Open 22 Mar 2017 01 May 2017
Harrow website feedback consultation Respond Online Open 26 Apr 2017 09 May 2017
Multi-faith Quiet Room Respond Online
Consultation with Harrow Council staff and councillors on the multi-faith quiet room
Open 28 Mar 2017 19 May 2017
Your Place Your Space Respond Online
Please give your views on this survey about litter, street cleanliness, parks and open spaces in Harrow.
Open 11 Apr 2017 01 Jun 2017
Headstone Manor Recreation Ground Heritage Lottery project Respond Online
The project 'A Park for All Communities' will restore the quality, vitality and attractiveness of the Park, its landscapes,wildlife and natural habitats, addressing many years of deterioration. It will produce an integrated master plan for the Park outlining the vision, strategy and long term sustainability of the Park. Please give your views about the park by completing this survey.
Open 11 Apr 2017 01 Jun 2017

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