Eastcote Road / Marsh Road mini roundabout

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This consultation has now closed.

The majority of the respondents to the public consultation supported the proposals; however they also suggested the provision of a zebra crossing on Eastcote Road or Marsh Road. A crossing assessment for providing a zebra crossing along Eastcote Road was carried out as part of the initial investigations and unfortunately the site did not meet the required criteria for providing a controlled crossing. A large number of respondents also requested a zebra crossing to be provided along Marsh Road.

The results of the public consultation along with our recommendation was presented to the Portfolio Holder. In light of these responses and considering the greater benefit of pedestrian safety, the Portfolio Holder approved:

  • To implement the proposals as consulted and
  • Investigate the feasibility of providing a zebra crossing on Marsh Road between its junction with Eastcote Road and Grove Avenue next financial year.

We anticipate works on the consulted proposals to begin from 8th April 2019, subject to weather conditions and will last for two weeks. The investigation on feasibility on new Zebra along Marsh Road will be carried in 2019-2020 whereby local residents will be consulted on the proposals.”

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  • Opened
    31 Oct 2018 at 00:00
  • Closed
    30 Nov 2018 at 23:59



Consultation Topic
  • Environment
  • Road Safety
  • Traffic Calming