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NameStatusOpen DateClose Date
Consultation on London Borough of Harrow’s Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018 Closed 04 Dec 2017 02 Feb 2018
Homelessness Strategy consultation- survey for organisations (not individuals)
We are refreshing this strategy for 2018, in advance of a full review the following year once the new Homelessness Reduction Act has been implemented.
Closed 15 Jan 2018 28 Jan 2018
Homelessness Strategy consultation- survey for individuals (not organisations)
We are refreshing this strategy for 2018, in advance of a full review the following year once the new Homelessness Reduction Act has been implemented.
Closed 15 Jan 2018 28 Jan 2018
Harrow Council Budget Consultation 2018/2019 Closed 08 Dec 2017 05 Jan 2018
Byron Quarter December 2017 Questionnaire Closed 11 Dec 2017 22 Dec 2017
Pinner Wood Children’s Centre and The Pinner Centre
Proposed changes at the Pinner Wood Children’s Centre and The Pinner Centre
Closed 04 Dec 2017 22 Dec 2017
Metropolitan Route Cycle Scheme Closed 27 Nov 2017 17 Dec 2017
High Street, Harrow-On-The-Hill
Bus Route Improvement Scheme
Closed 20 Nov 2017 17 Dec 2017
Harrow Good Growth Fund Survey Closed 28 Nov 2017 08 Dec 2017
Northolt Road
Road Safety & Bus route improvement scheme
Closed 07 Nov 2017 03 Dec 2017
Electric vehicle charging point survey Closed 17 Jul 2017 20 Nov 2017
Headstone Manor Recreation Ground
The historic grounds of Headstone Manor Rec will soon be getting a facelift thanks to £230,000 funding boost from the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Park for People project. The funding guarantees restoration works and means the council can start to design a new look and feel for the park before applying for the second round of funding for £1.2m. The project will also see the neglected river brought back into use and better flood management. Please see the site proposals and give your views by completing the questionnaire.
Closed 04 Oct 2017 12 Nov 2017
Mini HAP on 1 November 2017
Mini HAP, 1 Nov 2017
Closed 31 Oct 2017 10 Nov 2017
Short Breaks for Children with Disabilities - Parents and Carers Questionnaire
Short breaks form part of a range of services provided by Harrow's Children and Young Adults with Disabilties Service (CYAD), a team of social workers with specialist knowledge of disabilities. Short breaks enable children and young people (up to the age of 18) to take part in fun activities which enable them to learn new skills and develop their independence. They also allow families/carers to have reliable and regular breaks from caring. Young people over the age of 18 have a personalised budget and use this to purchase the support and activities they need. Harrow People Services Directorate is undertaking a review of local short breaks services available for children and young people with disabilities and their families. In order to ensure that we provide services that offer choice and meet the needs of you and your child, we would like to invite you to have your say.
Closed 12 Sep 2017 24 Oct 2017
Pinner Road
Safety Improvement Scheme
Closed 05 Oct 2017 22 Oct 2017
Honeypot Lane between Queensbury Circle and Kingsbury Circle
Safety Improvement Scheme
Closed 04 Oct 2017 22 Oct 2017
Treve Avenue and Porlock Avenue Bus Route Improvement Scheme
Harrow Council works closely with Transport for London (TfL) to promote and improve public transport facilities, which includes making bus services more attractive, safe and reliable mode of transport. We have been successful in securing funding from TfL to address congestion and delays issues along Porlock Avenue and Treve Avenue and we are therefore seeking your views on these proposals.
Closed 13 Sep 2017 07 Oct 2017
London Road - Pedestrian Crossing
The council has been successful in securing funds from Transport for London (TfL) to improve crossing facilities along London Road, Harrow-on-the-Hill. We are therefore informing you of our proposals to provide a zebra crossing along London Road near its junction with Mount Park Avenue.The proposals will allow all pedestrians, particularly the school children to safely cross London Road which can be difficult to cross during peak periods.
Closed 11 Sep 2017 07 Oct 2017
Methuen Road/Chandos Crescent Area (Including Methuen Close, Overbrook Walk and Milford Gardens) review of parking problems in your area
Methuen Road and Chandos Crescent (including Methuen Close, Overbrook Walk and Milford Gardens) are situated between two existing controlled parking zones TA (operational Monday to Saturday 8.30am – 8.30pm) to the north and zone X (operational Monday to Friday 10am - 11am and 2pm – 3pm) to the south. Parking in the area is of a premium and local residents find it difficult to find parking on their road. This situation is further exacerbated by the proximity of the London Underground station, local shops/businesses and Krishna-Avanti School. Chandos Crescent is an uncontrolled narrow road with parking informally taking place on one side only restricting the road to only one car width for two way traffic. The council has received correspondence from local residents and ward councillors requesting the council consult local residents/businesses within the agreed consultation area on whether they want to be included in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) or not.
Closed 11 Sep 2017 01 Oct 2017
Draft Public Art Policy Consultation
The draft Public Art Policy’s aim is to outline Harrow’s approach to public art installations. The intention of the Policy is to enable high quality public art in the London Borough of Harrow, engage local people in the development of public art, and ensure all proposals are evaluated in relation to their social, economic and environmental impacts. Examples of Public Art in Harrow include ‘Skipping Girl (Katy’s Statue)’ in St. Ann’s Road and ‘The Leaf’ at the Grove Field (Lowlands Road). We would welcome your views on the draft Policy including the application process.
Closed 07 Aug 2017 16 Sep 2017

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