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Dukes Avenue Parking Review
Dukes Avenue is a residential road situated within a conservation area located on the boundary of the existing Edgware (north) controlled parking zone (CPZ) (TB), with operational hours 11am – Noon Monday to Friday. Please read the attached documents before completing the questionnaire.
Closed 04 Jul 2017 27 Jul 2017
Draft Integrated Enforcement Policy Closed 26 Jun 2017 20 Jul 2017
Vaughan 20mph zone extension
Extension to the Vaughan Primary School 20mph Zone
Closed 22 Jun 2017 17 Jul 2017
Wealdstone Square & Headstone Drive - Public Realm Improvement Scheme Closed 27 Jun 2017 14 Jul 2017
Grange Avenue- Point no entry Closed 12 Jun 2017 03 Jul 2017
HONEYPOT LANE - Pedestrian Crossing proposal Closed 10 Jun 2017 30 Jun 2017
County Roads Area
(Sussex Road, Pinner View, Bedford Road, Rutland Road, Oxford Road, Dorset Road and Devonshire Road) Possible changes to parking arrangements.
Closed 01 Jun 2017 21 Jun 2017
Burnt Oak Area
(Greencourt Avenue, Axholme Avenue, Orchard Grove, Oakleigh Avenue, Broomgrove Gardens, Westleigh Gardens , Briary Grove, Rembrandt Road) Possible changes to parking arrangements.
Closed 22 May 2017 11 Jun 2017
Headstone Manor Recreation Ground Heritage Lottery project
The project 'A Park for All Communities' will restore the quality, vitality and attractiveness of the Park, its landscapes,wildlife and natural habitats, addressing many years of deterioration. It will produce an integrated master plan for the Park outlining the vision, strategy and long term sustainability of the Park. Please give your views about the park by completing this survey.
Closed 11 Apr 2017 01 Jun 2017
Your Place Your Space
Please give your views on this survey about litter, street cleanliness, parks and open spaces in Harrow.
Closed 11 Apr 2017 01 Jun 2017
Multi-faith Quiet Room
Consultation with Harrow Council staff and councillors on the multi-faith quiet room
Closed 28 Mar 2017 19 May 2017
Harrow website feedback consultation Closed 26 Apr 2017 09 May 2017
Consultation on Body Worn Video - Operational Framework
Body worn video is a body worn portable system that provides audio and visual record of enforcement activities undertaken by the wearer. Sound and images are recorded on a tamper proof storage device, thereby ensuring a secure chain/custody of evidence. Body worn video technology has a number of benefits and the aim is to achieve and promote improved communication towards motorists and the general public.
Closed 22 Mar 2017 08 May 2017
Poets’ Corner Business Consultation Closed 01 Mar 2017 31 Mar 2017
Poets’ Corner Residents’ Consultation
Intro The Council’s vision to Build a Better Harrow is to create a new community on the current Civic Centre site on Station Road. In relocating the Civic Centre to Wealdstone, the site will be used to provide much needed housing in the local area. The site will be developed in a minimum of two phases into a residential led, mixed use urban quarter. The project involves demolishing the existing buildings and creating at least 800 new homes across a range of tenures, a new school, commercial and community space and high quality public realm and landscaping. For the project to be a success the Council needs local residents like you to be involved in making the big decisions about what is suitable and appropriate for the area. You can help today by answering a few questions about what you like about the area today and how you feel it could be improved. For more information on Poets’ Corner visit
Closed 23 Feb 2017 31 Mar 2017
Get Active in Harrow
A group of Harrow organisations, including the Young Harrow Foundation, are working together to help Harrow get more people, more active, more often. This is your chance to say how Harrow could be a borough which helps everyone get more active.
Closed 24 Feb 2017 31 Mar 2017
Health Visiting and School Nursing Survey
Closed 10 Feb 2017 19 Mar 2017
Health Visiting and School Nursing service survey for professionals
Spec development for 0-19 health visiting and school nursing service
Closed 10 Feb 2017 19 Mar 2017
Leaseholder satisfaction survey 2017
We carry out regular surveys so that we understand your needs and views about housing services so that we can deliver services you need. The results also tell us how we are doing in comparison to other housing organisations. Your answers are confidential and will not affect your lease or any other support you might receive from us. The answers go to a research team conducting this survey on our behalf.
Closed 24 Jan 2017 22 Feb 2017
Proposed Canons Park Path Improvement
The council has plans to create or improve paths through Canons Park for use on foot or bicycle.
Closed 25 Jan 2017 10 Feb 2017

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