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(Including – Laurimel Close, Lindeth Close (Un-adopted Highway), Gordon Avenue, Old Church Lane, Elm Park, Lemark Close, Nelson Road, Bernays Close, Cherry Tree Way) (refer to the consultation leaflet below)

Payphone Removal

BT have identified 4 public payphones in Harrow area that aren’t being used enough and they are proposing to remove them

Housing Allocation Scheme and Tenancy Strategy & Policy

We’re updating our housing strategies and want to hear what you think. There have been some changes since our strategies were last reviewed, such as Universal Credit and new housing and homelessness laws. Harrow has a very small social housing stock and very few properties become available every year. There is a high demand for housing. The main reason for homelessness in Harrow is the loss of private rented housing. Most homeless households will be helped to find private rented housing rather than social housing.

Wealdstone Square Survey

Roxborough Park Area Parking Review

(Comprising of: Grove Hill, Maxted Park, Pickwick Place, Peterborough Road and Roxborough Park)

Community School Admission Arrangement and Fair Access Protocol 2022-2023

The Public Spaces Protection Order (Harrow Town Centre) 2020

Harrow Council (“The Authority”) has made the following Public Spaces Protection Order under Section 59 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 (“the Act”) The Order comes into force on TO BE CONFIRMED for a period of 3 years. In this Order an “Authorised Officer of the Authority” means any employee of the authority who is authorised in writing by the Authority for the purpose of giving directions under this Order. “The Restricted Area” relates to all public spaces within the area as shown in schedule 1.

Public Spaces Protection Order (Harrow Council) 2020

Over the last few years, certain parks and cemeteries have been subject to matters of concern and complaint, and the Council is therefore doing very specific, intelligence led approaches to deal with these matters. Part of this includes looking at introducing Public Spaces Protection Orders in 5 key open spaces, being: • Bentley Nature Reserve • Pear Wood Nature Reserve • Pinner Memorial Park • Harrow Weald Cemetery • Wealdstone Cemetery

Weald Lane 20mph Zone

Westfield Drive 20mph Zone

Roxborough Park 20mph Zone

Merrion Avenue 20mph Zone

Streatfield Road Proposed Zebra Crossing

Harrow Council Budget Consultation 2021/2022

Harrow Council is consulting on its draft budget for 2021/22, in preparation for it to be brought forward for final decision at the February meeting of the full council

Housing Act 2004 - Additional Licensing Renewal Featured

Consultation On Proposal To Introduce Selective Licensing Wealdstone Ward Harrow Featured

Part 3 Selective licensing of Other Residential Accommodation Housing Act 2004, Section 80.

Harrow Street Spaces Programme

Harrow Go Green 2021 Competition Entry Form You can Respond Online